Getting into the swing of this now and having had all day to choose another strength, perseverance has come out on top. The great thing about persevering is knowing that even if you fail, you gave your best and that itself is a great reason to do so. You could also say that knowing when to stop is another strength. Like when you’ve already spent 30 minutes working to get a tire on a rim and you’re physically done with it – bring in the experts with strong hands!

In sport, cycling, I can think of many times when it looked as though the race was over for me, but ‘it ain’t over until the fat lady sings’, an opera reference. Persisting there, caught the group ahead and came in 3rd. on the first memory that comes to mind, but there has been many similar moments.

We use perseverance to become a master of our performance, to continue with a program, to perform the repetitions, until we get it! Learning a new sport or a new language takes both motivation and perseverance as you will continue with an activity that inspires you. A good case for creating inspiration, knowing your why for the things we do.

As a coach, my inspirations are the athletes and they know that I believe in them and what they can do; I don’t give up on them even if they may have given up on themselves. We persist, we strive, we connect, we’re human and that’s what strong with me.

Coach Be