It occurred to me while thinking about the season and the training phase we are now in, as a LTR Learn to Race coach, that for many, they are racing to learn.

Cycling is unique in the many different directions that we can take on 2 wheels, road racing for example! When you approach the idea of racing vs group riding or club riding, both of which are satisfying, you encounter a change in thinking.

There’s a different way of looking at the prospect of putting yourself on the line, feeling that you are being looked at and what that means to you even though most will admit to a level of competitiveness with the riders around them. The spirit of the idea can overcome trepidation. That spirit of striving creates an eagerness, a vision that comes from within or from a source of inspiration.

When the process is followed, becoming a bike racer at any level is a journey that explores what you are capable of and are prepared to make happen.

Racing then is framed as a learning experience and when you do that, there are no expectations, there is only a process. What can you learn, what did you learn in the process about yourself and the performance of your sport. Enjoy the process and race to Learn.

Coach Be