I spend a lot of time thinking about how people look on the bike – that’s something that I get right away when riding beside or behind someone. Then go to why they look that way, what causes the movement that makes their head go up and down with the pedal stroke, or they are looking down, where is their Attention? Is the body moving side to side, knees out to the side, hips or shoulders not connected, where is their Balance? And their cadence, pedal pushing power, seated and out of the saddle movements, where is their Control?

ABC fundamentals; Attention, Balance and Control as a result of key cycling factors:

Suppleness, Speed, Strength, Stamina and Skill; all contribute to that ‘Look’ on the bike. Now is a great time of year to take on suppleness/mobility, skill/technique and strength/power. Indoors, no worries about road signs, cars and weather. You can focus externally on what you’re doing with the pedals, the bars, your shoulders and feet. You can focus internally on how you achieve that, where you put the pressure, how you reset your spine and hips, what muscles are you using and how.

I love that aspect of coaching, it’s what’s Strong with me!

Coach Be