It’s Just a Hill post activity Week 2 .

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America Masters Games; coach Barb wins gold
And our ride today, the request was for cornering technique – always good to work on, to keep your speed, momentum through a corner.  To feel safe while you do it, downhill, in a group, on a group ride going aroundabouts!  The etiquette as well as the skill.
We rode to Richmond via the Canada Line bridge – encountering a few of the said roundabouts on the way.
Rather than side by side going through any corner (watch the Tour de France for this, note that they thin it out, often single line around the corner then quickly back to a group)
– one person will back off, the other will slightly increase speed.
When Dorothy and I come up to a roundabout, if I am on her outside, her left, I back off by reducing the pressure on the pedals.  She would keep her speed and a direct line.  I slide back to follow, then apply pressure to the pedal to catch back up and side by side.  No braking.
On a right hand corner, she would back off slightly, I can keep my outside wide, apex through the corner (since she is no longer on my inside, I wont take her out or vice versa).  I follow through wide around the corner, she would then come back into my inside.
For those of you that had a chance to watch UBC, Gastown or the Giro you would have seen that in action!
Think through the process as you corner for it to become habit; outside pedal down, go wide, look at the apex then your line out of the corner, look where you want to go.  Brake before not during the corner.
With Peter we went through a bunch of right handers on the Thursday Criterium course – I don’t think he wanted to stop!