performance indoor bike studio 1466 Ryan Road E. (working out of A/S Garage)

Great tools will give you greater results.

Great tools will give you greater results!

**Schedule a setup; orientation and training zone (wattage and heart rate parameters)

 $90 or included in your purchase of performance coaching   email;  for an appointment.

  • Power per kilogram parameter
  • On screen data load based on your Training Zones
  •  Tests available in the test suite:

  1. Power Peak 6”
  2. Pedalling Technique (3 minutes)
  3. 30” Test; Wingate
  4. 3’ Aerobic – MMP
  5. 10′ Progress test
  6. Ramp Test; submax or max
  7. 20’ Test – FTP; Functional Threshold Power
Ride indoors on state of the art ‘spin’ watt bikes and reach your cycling goals with certified coach and ACSM trained instructor   778 837-0288

* Appointment times are available for Bike Fits, Spin Scans, Wattage ramp-up testing and Functional Movement Screening.