WattBikes – 3313 W Broadway, V6R 2B1 

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Wake-up Shot;  Monday; 7:30 am and Friday 7:00 am

Ride with the MOB (moms on bikes), Cycliste Feminin, you don’t have to be a mom!    9:30 am Tuesday.

Power Pro!  Monday, 5:45 pm and Thursday; 6 pm     

Great tools will give you greater results.

Great tools will give you greater results!

  • **Schedule a wattbike setup, wattage and heart rate parameters before attending a class (prerequisite);  $60   email;  morbarb@telus.net for an appointment.
  • Live, real-time display. See every pedal revolution as it happens!

  • Power per kilogram parameter

  • Calories burned parameter

  • Angle of peak force

  • On TV screen data, ANT

  • Race program, ride with or against your team mate

  •  Tests in our Training Guide:

  1. Power Peak 6”
  2. Pedalling Technique (3 minutes)
  3. 30” Test
  4. 3’ Aerobic – MMP
  5. 10′ Progress
  6. Ramp Test
  7. 20’ Test – FTP

INDOORS 55 min, unless noted otherwise.

*Studio rides include towel.  Shower facilities. Ride indoors on state of the art ‘spin’/watt bikes and reach your cycling goals with certified coach and ACSM trained instructor  

morbarb@telus.net   778 837-0288

* Appointment times are available for Bike Fits, Spin Scans, Wattage ramp-up testing and Functional Movement Screening.