You have a new bike, new shoes, new pedals!  Now what?  Trust experienced and patient coach Barb to show you what to do and how to do it.  You’ll finish the ride knowing when to change gears, how to apply your brakes, how to clip in!  How to eat and drink while riding.  Cornering and braking safely, 2 Levels.  For the newbie or moderate experienced cyclist! (note that this is not learn to ride a bike)               Make an appointment now; 

Level 1; $125  0ne – to – one, 1 hr 15 min intro    Purchase Level 1 or 2

– intro to your bike, your shoes and cleats, gearing, braking !  All the basic skills will be covered and you’ll be comfortable riding with a friend side by side.

– indoors and/ or outdoors            – pedal technique, cornering, climbing basics


Take it to the next Level 2; $125

Purchase Level 1 or 2

Stepping it up, group riding essential skills, efficient riding in and out of the saddle,  practice skills and tips for an event.

– 1hr 15 min session for intermediate riders
– evaluation of your fitness and form, your technique
– outdoor ride; learn training procedures and advanced riding skills