DYNAMIC BIKE FIT with spinscan, $175    

why bike fit?     bikes are different, people are different, your arms are longer than his arms, your legs shorter than hers.  your buddy has been riding for years, you just started.

If you switch to a pedal system with more float to save your knees, will it compromise your power? why does  your neck and shoulders get sore when you ride?

the answers to these questions and more – book an appointment now;  

Dynamic bike fit with spin scan
Dynamic bike fit with spin scan

Pedal Stroke Evaluation or Power Testing:

with Spinscan evaluates your pedal stroke    $100

– take home performance report and analysis


Power Testing using a ramp up program, FTP      $100

  • 20 min FTP or 2 x 8 minute VO2 test; with heart rate correlation

– take home performance report and wattage program

MMP Power Testing with heart rate correlation ,  $90

  • training zone and fitness testing – where you are now!
  • prerequisite for indoor riding

FMS – Functional Movement Screen  $100

– evaluates your mobility and stability for biking

– find out your weakest link, is it balance, flexibility, or strength to get the most out of your time spent on the bike

– with on-line movement drills specifically designed for you