What’s strong with me today is completing 30 days of the challenge to write here, daily about qualities and habits, bike experiences and cycling tips. I’ll be continuing with a coaches corner of sorts, that offers what you didn’t know, you didn’t know. More specifics on the skill of biking that lead to performance in the sport.

What I’ve found over the month, is that I often have to look elsewhere to find out about my self. Looking for strengths is easier said than done; while noticing quotes, concise messages that are relatable was a way to find them and recognize them. Finding a list of ways to be (and not to be), can remind me that yes, I do embrace change, forgive others, talk about ideas and continuously learn. I do accept responsibility for things I’ve failed at and am grateful for the opportunity to then set goals and develop a life plan. (Thanks Terry Small yet again!)

To have 30 days of sharing my strengths has been rewarding. I can’t ignore my weaknesses, but it almost seems silly now to think of ‘working’ on them, ‘fixing’ them, since they are all negative to start with. While strengths result in joy, satisfaction, energy and feeling alive.

In cycling, having a good sprint could become having a stronger sprint. Having good endurance becomes amazing stamina, climbing hills becomes enjoyable when you put your mind to working on that strength. I enjoy sharing my experience and my cycling abilities with others to give them the same confidence and feelings while riding a bike and it’s what’s strong with me; coaching!

Coach Be