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It's all about the bike! I have the best time coaching and riding, being social and competitive. Bringing people together, sharing the experience as I share my experience. Bringing together bike and body for life! Oh, and I like wine, chocolate, coffee, good food and fun times.

Cross it up with a 4 – week training plan

*bonus offer for groups

Yeh, there’s no Provincials and maybe you’re not feeling up to going to Nationals in a month… or maybe you are! Lazer Canadian Championships Cyclocross

Cross is fun! Even more so when you practice and train for it.

You’re looking for a program, a specific training regime that will guide through the next weeks. What do you do, how much do you do, do you run, do you ride and what do you do on the bike??!!

For both new to moderate skill riders, a 4 week day to day schedule to have you improve your cyclocross performance.

  • includes a meet up with Coach B to go through the program parameters, how to do
  • $200

You can start this weekend or at any time over the next 4 weeks, pricing and program is available from October 28 to November 21st. Start your training block now to enjoy the benefits through the fall and winter season.

Added benefits for roadies – increased bike handling skills that give you more confidence on the road!

* have a group of female friends that want to take this on together – reduced rate dependant on the number

  • applies to men as well*

Wednesday workouts for fitness and performance!

Register for Wednesday Workouts using the link below;

Register now for Early Bird savings to May 3, regular pricing after that.

Meeting in a central Vancouver location, you’ll enjoy a Coached led structured workout followed twice monthly by an adventure ride. Fitness and technique produces your performance in the sport and your ability to sustain for stamina.

How could this be fun? Take the guesswork out of your outdoor riding, coach is on hand with eyes on you! And besides, isn’t it always fun to give yourself a nudge, find out what you’re capable of?

Performance is a way to express your ability at a skill, how you can show ‘you got this’.  It’s neither speed or power although both happen just the same – what you do with it and how you use it is the focus of these summer Wednesday workout’s.

An adventure awaits on the bike; twice monthly will take you to places you haven’t ridden before! – these will be longer rides.

Limited to 10 riders

PHO, Sport BC, Cycling BC covid guidelines are in place – Health check required before your ride

Cycling BC membership; Cycling for All is the minimum.  That includes Sport Accident and General Liability Insurance (not limited to this clinic, covers you for all your 2 wheel riding).  Lots of discounts, bike insurance etc. Register here for Cycling BC license;!/memberships/cycling-bc-2021-annual-membership-license

Session will be 1.5 hr – 3 hr.

The cost is $120/month, for 4 months. Workout details included, post ride summary will follow with lessons learned.

Early Bird; prepay for 4 months, discount $40.  

Coach Barb, 778 837 0288

The fine print:  all weather, coach may cancel ride if conditions deemed unfortunate, no refunds, no exceptions.

Endurance is? – how much, how to train for it.

As the days have become longer, so have our dreams of long rides, long distance training for the summer or for late summer events (fingers crossed). Endurance is the name for any event, ride, run that is performed over a long distance and may entail that an athlete take it to the limit of their endurance. You endure to the end, your limit.

Stamina though, is the ability to sustain prolonged physical or mental effort. You can see then why I prefer to train stamina rather than endurance.

This quote is from Matt Fitgerald, Triathlete magazine, and it echoes my sentiments and training methods;

“There’s little or nothing to be gained by performing more than three or four long swims, rides and runs per month, and little or nothing to be gained from doing more than a handful of sessions near the top end of the appropriate distance range for such workouts (eg multiple runs over 18 miles)…. The keys to getting the biggest return on your investment in long workouts are well-planned progressions and working very hard at the appropriate times.”

Matt Fitgerald

For the triathlete; Alternating a long bike with a brick moderate bike with long run one weekend, with a long run, long bike, moderate run the next will progress your stamina. Changing up the pace during those as you become more specific with your training is a great way to find your pace strategy for different distances of endurance.

Cyclists; since cycling is less physiologically hard or has less fatigue associated with it, given a robust base, the opportunity for back to back longer rides is available to build both endurance and stamina. Alternating a harder high intensity ride with a longer lower intensity ride produces the adaptations to endure and to prolong your ability to ride at effort.

There are a few platforms to monitor your chronic load day to day; your acute load on any given day, and your ramp up rate of volume week to week. Those of you already using Training Peaks may recognize the terminology; Strava Premium also uses a solid data base to confer Fitness and Freshness levels based on similar intensity over time with the use of heart rate and power.

To summarize, progressive endurance and specific stamina rides will condition you to experience rather than ‘endure’ your long distance goals. It would be my pleasure to coach you on how to do so, contact me;

Training technique and strength

November is almost here, Phase 1 of the 2021 cycling season has begun!

If you are putting in km now or plan to in the future, a return to your basic technique is mandatory to make sure that each pedal stroke is a stroke that leads you to fitness and not towards injury.

Have you paid attention lately to your body’s alignment; take a look at your saddle wear, your pedal wear, your shoulders and hips. The biomechanics of your pedal stroke, your hand positions, your knees and ankles. Are you performing daily flexibility positions to open up hips, lengthen hamstrings and quads, your spine; range of movement around all joints. And have you started on or are continuing strength exercises, not just for the bike, but for body balance after too much sitting, after doing physical labour or following an accident, and to prepare you for other winter sports.

If any of the 4 above components are lacking or over developed, your risk of INJURY is high. Injuries don’t just happen, they are the result of many poor biomechanical habits over time and although you may think it was one thing that created the injury and that fixing that area will prevent it happening again in the future, that isn’t the case.

Look at all 4 components and create a program to include them all – or get a coach to do it for you! Your cycling coach and/or a strength and conditioning coach.

We are planning to develop good cycling technique right now; suppleness as well as muscle tension to develop strength. Without the above 4 important factors, doing either leg speed or low cadence with load will add to the risk of injury.

Form, flexibility and stability while building up muscle strength will give you a body fit for cycling in the long term.

Contact Coach Barb to begin your Year of Fitness performance coached program.

…makes us stronger

Valued clients and friends; we all have stories of individual adversity, this is one adversity that we share as a community, a world wide community. When it happens to us or to someone we know, we see things in a different way and our view changes. Our brains react to that different view and part of our brain reacts to it. The thinking part of the brain is overridden and it’s easy to let it happen with a crowd mentality either with fear or the opposite. Buying toilet paper as an example! Despite it being irrational we get caught up in it and follow the crowd.

Staying fit and continuing to ‘ride’ it out may also appear to be selfish and to be flaunting the rules, ignoring the boundaries. And I’m not the person to judge that or make anyone wrong for their actions. My objective has always been for health, for the mind + body to behave together and achieve human potential. We rely on so many people to keep us safe, provide essentials and I am very grateful for them. The rest of us can show gratitude with our daily actions and how we behave.

Inspiration shows up every minute of every day in the people that I work with and I will continue to look for a new view and way of doing things with you that will have all of us getting through our shared adversity as healthier human beings. Our strength is in sharing. Thank you!

Coach Barb

Gearing up hills

Gearing up for Hills in 2020
Plan ahead! April 29th for 4 months, through August on Wednesday’s 6pm. Put in the time to become a more efficient climber, a confident descender; @ $110/month for early Birds, to March 30 – $450 for the season. Regular price $500

Link to register.

Don’t ride alone this summer, join the Gearing Up Hills and have company on the ride!
Train weekly on local Vancouver and north shore climbs; coached rides.

Cycling BC – ‘UCI cycling for all’ license required: link below to CCN to purchase.!/memberships/cycling-bc-2020-annual-membership-license

Goodbye February, hello March!

According to the general cycle of an ATP (annual training plan), this phase started in mid January; the development of specific fitness and advanced technical skills. It’s the reason why pro teams hunt down under and the southern latitudes or head to places like Mallorca, Southern Spain and Provence.

In general, those of us who may be aiming for less lofty goals still plan for fitness to show up in the Spring Series, the UBC tri/duathlon and a typical Canadian ‘training camp’ in California or Spain, if you know the right coaches to work with!

Locally, we continue up to the first week of March with cross training; skiing, running, cross biking. Indoor riding is a must through this time of year.

Taking a short amount of time with specific high intensity rides is the way to stay on track and get the precise amount of zone training and continue to adapt systematically. You have a cardio/respiratory system and a skeletal system. That’s 3 different and very specific types of rides to give you the adaptations that will be there for you on the road.

As a coach, I look at your power output; but that’s all relative to how your heart rate responds and how your breathing can keep up. Aerobically, your power output correlates with heart rate. Do you know what happens when your system goes over the edge, the threshold? Find out, Gear Up in March; that’s the focus of this month.

Challenging, small group classes for the best coached ride, the best training ride.

Gear up for 2020!

Shake up your routine and Gear Up in 2020

What if…. you choose to be a better cyclist? What if …… you choose to make it happen, now? Where do you go? Will it happen in a spin class do you think? Or will it happen when you look for an expert, a coach, someone who knows what it takes both physically and mentally.

Choose a commitment to this year; to a coached program, a coached indoor workout series. What technique are you lacking, what position on the bike are you using, what is your pedal stroke efficiency and why would you care.

A few reasons why; to make it to the Haute Route and to finish it; to ride any fondo and enjoy the experience; to conquer alpe d’huez under an hour; to ride the Cypress Hill Climb Challenge without any fear that you won’t make it; to take on a provincial or national championship road race with confidence. Just to know that you know what you’re doing.

We would love to see you on the bike, riding with us indoors or out and have you join the cycling community.

It’s easy – take the first step – and register for a pre-ride testing, a 10 pack (consult included) or a private session with either coach Barb or coach Joanie. See you then!

Wednesday Winter Workout

you know you have to do it, a longer ride on Wednesday complete with specific repetitions that will elevate your power profile in the 1, 3, 5, 8 minute region.

This has to be done with your best technique; if you think that can be done without having someone there to provide you with feedback, without a coach, then you will continue to get the same results as you did last year, the year before …… etc.

What is your obstacle to joining a coached ride? Think about it, your reasons, write them down! What could happen if you do?

Maybe that climb you always find is a problem, the time trial speed/power that eludes you, the pickup after corners, the ability to stay with a group, maintain a speed; I could go on!

Discover the 2020 you, a new decade and a new way of looking at your riding. It’s easy, register for Wednesday’s starting in January!

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