“Barb, from the very first day I met you, you made me believe not only could I ride and race my bike, but to also think of myself as a cyclist” Sandra

img_4396  “In the past two years that I have had Barb as my coach I have learned invaluable information about training but even more about my own potential as an athlete. Initially I sought Barb’s expertise to help me to improve my performance in Granfondo events. It was not long after beginning to train with her that my goals evolved. In previous years I only participated in Granfondo events. Within just a few months of training I applied for a UCI Cat 4 license and began to race competitively. Regular training with Barb keeps me riding strong and ready for the demands of competition. Since I began training with Barb I have reached the podium four times, the most recent was a gold medal in the Road Race (45-49), at the Americas Masters Games. Barb’s support and feedback are key elements that continue to motivate me to work hard and improve for next season.”      Graham, coached athlete

“This is a testimonial for Coach barb, I am an older rider and have been working with Barb for last few years on and off. In that period I have learned safe and efficient bike handling skills such that I am better and safer cornering and riding at speed on the flats as well as downhill. As an older rider I don’t hope to compete with younger racers but I have seen an improvement in my speed and climbing ability that allows me to ride at same pace as much younger riders who previously would have left me in the dust. Indoor classes are demanding but maximize the training in limited time that works well for a busy schedule. Outdoor rides emphasize group riding in pelotons.  Classes are competitive but fun with good comradery. I am continuing training this next year in order to improve my times during fondos in 2017. Look forward to a great 2017 season.”      Roy

“You taught me to love the bike. And I now know how to appreciate my bike!    Thank you for a terrific year.      Ciao,”   Christine    IMG_1714
“….. so I rode my bike home; in that short distance I noticed what a difference your fitting made. You are a genius!!! Before I was never able to say why my bike was uncomfortable nor could I seem to build up confidence on it, it just never felt right and I just thought I was a very poor rider. .. after the fitting I realize what the major difference is; now I am able to engage my core when I’m on my bike and it makes me feel stable, more in control which will improve my confidence. Thank you so much!!!”
Andrea – bike fit client
  I am really enjoying working with you & the gang. The classes are amazing- they go by pretty quick…. & it is fun to push myself & have a way to measure. Zones, heart rates & watts!!!
Cindy – coached athlete
“Had a terrific time with the group.. was so welcoming. Thanks [Barb] for all the encouragement.”          -Michele, coached athlete
“If you want to improve your riding, then train with Barb!”