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PC_logoHave dreams of road riding, hill climbing, gran fondo’s, a triathlon in your future?  

add power to your bike fitness and technique with coaching and wattbike indoor performancecoached bike classes.  

Exclusive to performance, indoor ride classes included with your coaching program!

About Barb;

“In coaching, for me, it’s all about the athlete and the performance of your sport. Having the experience of accomplishing what you may not have known is possible and making it a reality. I look at you, the athlete as a whole person, with a body, brain and bike, mix that together with the principles of exercise physiology, kinesiology, psychology and watch you grow!”      Barb has been coaching for over 20 years, racing for over 25, and is passionate about bringing people to the sport of cycling as a newcomer, or helping experienced riders with their goals of being the best they can be.

Choose performance coaching cycling pro Barb to optimize your riding experience with power and heart rate Training Zones!

What is a WattBike

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Performance coaching and Intro to coaching.

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Located at 3311 W Broadway