Athletes and cyclists have many strengths. But we are often concerned about our weaknesses and feel it necessary, have been told to ‘work’ on them and in the case of performance, where you choose to be your best self in the sport, that may be partially true when you put it like that.

Is it possible that you are overlooking one of your strengths though by focusing on a weakness? Here’s an obvious one; your power output is less than you would like it to be. Would your answer be, ‘well I need to work on that‘. But then, how will it be done, how will you do that?

Is it likely that the only way you will get any stronger (a performance factor), will be to create a routine 2-3x a week doing specific drills, repetitions and creating an environment for your body to adapt to an increased load. You would need to know how to measure that now and in the future.

Your ability to follow a plan, could that be one of your strengths? Yes, and there it is, your strength is your ability to follow a plan and that strength applied consistently will give you the ability to build power.

What is Strong with you? Over the next 30 days, let’s find out; can you look for those abilities that you believe contribute to you and your self. What that strength is and how you will use it.

I’ll start! What’s strong with me is my ability to present a cycling related concept in language that’s understood, can be related to and can be followed. I use that to provide coaching/instruction to athletes at a practice.

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disclosure – I picked this up from an ad campaign, thought it was brilliant but don’t remember the product