The concept is easy while getting in the game may not be, for you. In your sport and life, are you watching what is going on from a place of being on the sidelines; it being safer to comment, critique, enjoy from the outside rather than participate and have others do that to you (as you imagine).

What is the Game, what are you watching? It can happen when you’re oblivious or unaware and let yourself drift along in life and in your sport without commitment. That can lead to frustration, deplete your resources and wondering why things aren’t happening the way you want them to, why you’re not adapting, getting stronger and what’s the point anyway! Commitment is hard, isn’t it? Or is it? What is commitment but a call to action, to take the first step, follow it with a second and finding out what you can do, what you’re capable of physically and mentally. Committing to be in the game, get some skin in it, be it, will open you up to the possibilities , the endless possibilities.

When I find myself commentating, I notice, focus and get back in the game. And that’s what’s strong with me, day 15.

Coach Be