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Meeting in a central Vancouver location, you’ll enjoy a Coached led structured workout followed twice monthly by an adventure ride. Fitness and technique produces your performance in the sport and your ability to sustain for stamina.

How could this be fun? Take the guesswork out of your outdoor riding, coach is on hand with eyes on you! And besides, isn’t it always fun to give yourself a nudge, find out what you’re capable of?

Performance is a way to express your ability at a skill, how you can show ‘you got this’.  It’s neither speed or power although both happen just the same – what you do with it and how you use it is the focus of these summer Wednesday workout’s.

An adventure awaits on the bike; twice monthly will take you to places you haven’t ridden before! – these will be longer rides.

Limited to 10 riders

PHO, Sport BC, Cycling BC covid guidelines are in place – Health check required before your ride

Cycling BC membership; Cycling for All is the minimum.  That includes Sport Accident and General Liability Insurance (not limited to this clinic, covers you for all your 2 wheel riding).  Lots of discounts, bike insurance etc. Register here for Cycling BC license;!/memberships/cycling-bc-2021-annual-membership-license

Session will be 1.5 hr – 3 hr.

The cost is $120/month, for 4 months. Workout details included, post ride summary will follow with lessons learned.

Early Bird; prepay for 4 months, discount $40.  

Coach Barb, 778 837 0288

The fine print:  all weather, coach may cancel ride if conditions deemed unfortunate, no refunds, no exceptions.