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Comox Valley coaching with Barb

Experienced, long time certified cycling coach Barb – ‘coach Be’ – has relocated to Vancouver Island.

Coach continues with established mainland clients and is now welcoming V. Islanders to her performance coaching roster.

With a history of coaching from youth triathletes to Time Trial road racers, IM and cyclocross, fondo and Learn to Race, coach Be has successfully done it, coached it and brings that all-round knowledge to the athlete with an interest and desire to perform in their sport of cycling.

Be it Fitness, Performance, Personal Best or Podium results, coach Be makes it happen for you!

email; or phone/text 778 837 0288 to make an appointment and begin your journey on the bike, can’t wait to hear from you.

Group ride session (above left)

with Road and TT champion Graham (bottom left)

Sense of humour! :)

It helps to have a sense of humour and not take yourself/myself seriously; what’s strong with you day 7.

When I think of the folk I like to be around, who I can learn from, and work with, those that are able to make it a fun experience or who can make fun without poking fun or being demeaning, that’s who.

Favourite comedians ; Stephen Colbert is an incredible intelligent wit, Jimmy Carr is fast, quick with the retorts and Ricky Gervais is on the edge without going over it. At this time when both fear and covid are spreading, there’s nothing like smiling and laughing for an hour watching ‘The Big Fat Quiz of the Year’, I recommend it!

We learn and retain more when we can smile along with the process. A recent recertification of CPR led by a former EMS paramedic who brought his experience and injected (pardon the pun) some levity into his work was a great example of that, thanks Sven.

When I find myself going on about this or that, or seeing people get frustrated with the system, with technology or on TV about the mixed messages they think they’re getting, it helps to have Squire Barnes and Satellite Debris on Friday evenings.

Enjoy your training, do it with intent, intensity and commitment. Then have some fun!

That’s whats strong with me.

Coach Barb

Gearing up hills

Gearing up for Hills in 2020
Plan ahead! April 29th for 4 months, through August on Wednesday’s 6pm. Put in the time to become a more efficient climber, a confident descender; @ $110/month for early Birds, to March 30 – $450 for the season. Regular price $500

Link to register.

Don’t ride alone this summer, join the Gearing Up Hills and have company on the ride!
Train weekly on local Vancouver and north shore climbs; coached rides.

Cycling BC – ‘UCI cycling for all’ license required: link below to CCN to purchase.!/memberships/cycling-bc-2020-annual-membership-license

Hill is not a four letter word!

It’s that time of year! Thinking of your 2019 cycling plans and planning for them. And the steps you’ll take to make them happen. 

The annual summer climbing, fondo preparation, road riding, group training is coming up, registration link below.

Start your hill climbing prowess performance in April through August and you’ll find that hill is NOT a four letter word.
You’ll love ’em, get over them and spend time with them over 17 weeks.
Perfect your technique, your ability for climbing and descending. For cornering and … having fun on hills!
Various start locations; 6pm

Join the club! 4 months, 1.5-2 hrs . $375 +gst Click on the link below to register. Early bird discount available now.

Note that a Cycling BC license is required for insurance purposes. Provincial Ride/Race is good for any time you ride, including events; fondo, populaire’s etc. Go to!/memberships/cycling-bc-2019-annual-membership-license

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