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November is almost here, Phase 1 of the 2021 cycling season has begun!

If you are putting in km now or plan to in the future, a return to your basic technique is mandatory to make sure that each pedal stroke is a stroke that leads you to fitness and not towards injury.

Have you paid attention lately to your body’s alignment; take a look at your saddle wear, your pedal wear, your shoulders and hips. The biomechanics of your pedal stroke, your hand positions, your knees and ankles. Are you performing daily flexibility positions to open up hips, lengthen hamstrings and quads, your spine; range of movement around all joints. And have you started on or are continuing strength exercises, not just for the bike, but for body balance after too much sitting, after doing physical labour or following an accident, and to prepare you for other winter sports.

If any of the 4 above components are lacking or over developed, your risk of INJURY is high. Injuries don’t just happen, they are the result of many poor biomechanical habits over time and although you may think it was one thing that created the injury and that fixing that area will prevent it happening again in the future, that isn’t the case.

Look at all 4 components and create a program to include them all – or get a coach to do it for you! Your cycling coach and/or a strength and conditioning coach.

We are planning to develop good cycling technique right now; suppleness as well as muscle tension to develop strength. Without the above 4 important factors, doing either leg speed or low cadence with load will add to the risk of injury.

Form, flexibility and stability while building up muscle strength will give you a body fit for cycling in the long term.

Contact Coach Barb to begin your Year of Fitness performance coached program.

Starts Wednesday Oct 2!

 Register here;

It’s a very exciting time of the year, thinking of possibilities for your next adventures.  Become a master of your sport!

Watts on Wednesday will focus on your Power Profile;  from 1 minute to 60 minutes, building the engine, taking the process approach to VO2 training.

One of the things that struck me, watching the US rider Chloe Dygert win by over a minute (she trains on a Wattbike) was that her strength is high over the distance, and it made me think that we may be imposing limitations on ourselves by our thinking.  Are we being letting our age for example, define what we can do and how much it’s possible to improve? We will go into this program with the mindset of doing something we haven’t done before.  

Time Trial World Champion Chloe Dygert finishes a WattBike session.

3 months starts Oct. 2, 6:00 – 6:15 pm $350

It’s not too early….. to think about next year!

Limited Wednesday wattbike seats for the October to December ‘Watt’s Up’, class
  • NEW, class is 1hr 15 min. for stamina and strength training. Your coach guides you through an organized, progressive program that is described and explained to you. What, why and when.

Fall schedule for indoor biking – 12 weeks Oct. 2 – Dec. 18th. Click on the link below to register;
Focus on strength – build your maximum wattage output for added power to the pedal!

Wattbike feedback provides your best pedal stroke, Coach Barb provides your best position feedback.

High intensity, interval training provides best stamina and speed.

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