August 18, 2019         Hosted by the Escape Velocity cycling club
Location: Parkgate Community Centre
3625 Banff Ct, North Vancouver, BC V7H 2Z8

The historic course returns for its 53nd anniversary and 39th running on Sunday, August 18, 2019. Bring the family out for an adventure they will remember. Your participation will support the DEVO youth cycling, Vancouver’s longest running and most successful youth development program.


The Atomic Seymour Challenge 2016!!     Mount Seymour

On  June 26th we dig deep into Vancouver’s cycling history to 1966 when men stopped cutting their hair and woman stopped shaving their pits. It’s a whole different spandex clad Strava scene out there now but, when the race is done, the strongest riders will be hoisting the same trophies that were hoisted by Olympians many years before.  It’s the 50th anniversary, the 36th running, the comeback, the most fun anyone can have climbing the the toughest mountain in Vancouver. This race will be an epic restart to a signature event. Registration (on CCN) details and category information

Race 1; Category 4 and 5 (Provincial and one-day) men.
U17 male
Race 2; Master men Category 3, 4 and 5 (Provincial)
>40 yrs (40-49, 50-59, 60plus)
Race 3; Women Category 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Masters Women >40 yrs (40-49, 50 plus)
U19 and U17 female
Race 4; Men Category 1, 2, 3 including Master’s men 1, 2 and U19 male

Seymour Challenge 2013

Hosted by Performance RN5 (Performance Coaching)

12.2 km with 1000m of elevation gain…

Originally known as the Pacific Coast Hill Climb Championship, the first event was held in 1966, this will be the 35th edition of the race.
Notable winners include Olympian Brian Walton and endurance cyclist Leah Golstein has picked up the trophy 3 times.
Since cycling and hills are becoming more popular with seasoned as well as new riders training for events such as the grand fondos, the 12.2 km event is open to everyone to take on, challenge themselves and others over  1000m of climbing.
Festivities following include music with proceeds of the event contributing to a music program in Rwanda. There will be refreshments as well as live music by the very talented Stephanie Formosa! Check out her website here: http://www.stephanieformosa.com/
We’re excited to hold the longest standing race challenge, it will be fun!

Take a look at past results here;


many thanks to Stuart Lynne for putting in the data for past results!

Here are some photos from previous years!

Finish line face!
The Challenge finish; 2011!
Making it look easy
Congratulations to Thomas Haas – fastest Master rider!