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It's all about the bike! I have the best time coaching and riding, being social and competitive. Bringing people together, sharing the experience as I share my experience. Bringing together bike and body for life! Oh, and I like wine, chocolate, coffee, good food and fun times.

It’s not too early….. to think about next year!

Limited Wednesday wattbike seats for the October to December ‘Watt’s Up’, class
  • NEW, class is 1hr 15 min. for stamina and strength training. Your coach guides you through an organized, progressive program that is described and explained to you. What, why and when.

Fall schedule for indoor biking – 12 weeks Oct. 2 – Dec. 18th. Click on the link below to register;
Focus on strength – build your maximum wattage output for added power to the pedal!

Wattbike feedback provides your best pedal stroke, Coach Barb provides your best position feedback.

High intensity, interval training provides best stamina and speed.

Hill is (not) a four letter word!

3 months Wednesday 6pm, leaving from Kitsilano or Stanley Park
June 5 – August 21
$275 plus tax

Limited capacity, register now!

NOTE: Provincial RIDE license REQUIRED; $60!/memberships/cycling-bc-2019-annual-membership-license

“…take time to perfect your technique, become the most efficient hill climber you can be. Train in your zone, learn how to make the 25% grade, the hairpin descents.”
coach Barb

Reaching for the top!

WTNT – world Tuesday night training .

6pm Tuesday, starting March 5th.    at Rep1Fitness

Zip like Zoe! Coach Zoe has laid out a 7 week training plan for you to take on Tuesday or Thursday night criteriums and make them even more fun.  3 x winner of the summer series, she will take you through a workout designed to create power for when and where it will count. Along the way, you’ll learn how to race them, tips on positioning and what to do in the last lap, the last corner, the final sprint! Bring your training zones with you to workout on the wattbike; max power, FTP, both wattage and HR. 60 min. $210

Click here to register . Link

Zip like Zoe!

Hill is not a four letter word!

It’s that time of year! Thinking of your 2019 cycling plans and planning for them. And the steps you’ll take to make them happen. 

The annual summer climbing, fondo preparation, road riding, group training is coming up, registration link below.

Start your hill climbing prowess performance in April through August and you’ll find that hill is NOT a four letter word.
You’ll love ’em, get over them and spend time with them over 17 weeks.
Perfect your technique, your ability for climbing and descending. For cornering and … having fun on hills!
Various start locations; 6pm

Join the club! 4 months, 1.5-2 hrs . $375 +gst Click on the link below to register. Early bird discount available now.

Note that a Cycling BC license is required for insurance purposes. Provincial Ride/Race is good for any time you ride, including events; fondo, populaire’s etc. Go to!/memberships/cycling-bc-2019-annual-membership-license

Watts on Wednesday! starts Oct 10

*NEW, class is 1hr 15 min. for skills, stamina and strength training. 6:00 to 7:15pm
Fall schedule for indoor biking – 10 weeks Oct. – Dec.
Focus on strength – build your maximum wattage output for added power to the pedal!
Practice your technique – for optimum power transfer
Stamina – fatigue resistance training
High intensity, interval training . HIIT

It’s just a hill – 2 – fondo clinic

Register here!    From July 4th to September 5th, join performance coaching for a 10 week prep to your tour, your fondo, your fitness!  Every week a new challenge a new lesson to learn as you pick up technique and power.  Every Wednesday, starting either at McBride park in Vancouver, or on the north shore.  1.5 hrs, $220, plus tax.

IMG_2368Note that  Cycling BC ride provincial ride license is recommended for this and any other rides you participate in.

Personal coaching on the ride, for your best performance on the bike.

Summer schedule / register

Get App      or click to  register and view schedule

Early bird to June 19th – It’s Just a Hill, get over it! (2)

Register here for July 4-Sept 5

Early Bird pricing in effect until June 19th!  Save $20, use code ‘getoverit’ when you register.

10 weeks of coached, structured hill training to take you to new ‘heights’ !
July 4 – September 5th, 6 – 7:30pm on Wednesdays
Ride with your friends, the hills, in preparation for bike events; it could be a gran fondo, a bike tour, a hill climb that you have planned.
Skills and drills to hone your technique and fitness in a fun, friendly bike group.


Improving your Fitness

20x30-GOAN2735a general state of good health, usually as a result of exercise and nutrition

People say, you may say, that you want to improve your ‘fitness’.  But what does that mean and how can you measure it?  One of the many benefits of biking is that it will keep you fit, meaning that your general state of good health will continue.  Your fitness will be maintained.

What about that trip to Italy, or Gerona, or Maui, that you have planned to climb the dolomites or Haleakala?  Are you ‘fit’ enough for that, will you enjoy the experience or breathe heavily while your muscles cringe through every pedal stroke?

To improve your fitness, measure where you are at right now;  I recommend using the MMP testing (maximum minute power, 3 minute test; avg power and max HR), FTP testing (20 minute test; avg power x .95) or the CTS (Carmichael Training System 8 minute testing, 2 tests for avg. power and max HR).  All of these are useful for obtaining a power profile as well as determining levels or zones to train at for maximum benefit.

The zones are ridden at particular dosages depending on the ultimate goal for each individual, in fact they follow the FITT formula; Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type.

Training for a stage race, event or tour?  Frequency goes up.

For a Time Trial, for climbing?  Intervals at Intensity.

For a 150 km event, 120 km event, 100 km event?  The Time or volume build up for adaptation to take place.

Then for specific events, hills or flats, multi sport?  The Type of training that improves your technique for efficiency and skill.

Getting the formula right will make your experience ‘a dream come true’.  Work with a coach to have your body adaptations take place where it counts!

Formulas for success; It’s just a hill, get over it!

Performance monthly coaching

MMP Testing

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