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Early bird to June 19th – It’s Just a Hill, get over it! (2)

Register here for July 4-Sept 5

Early Bird pricing in effect until June 19th!  Save $20, use code ‘getoverit’ when you register.

10 weeks of coached, structured hill training to take you to new ‘heights’ !
July 4 – September 5th, 6 – 7:30pm on Wednesdays
Ride with your friends, the hills, in preparation for bike events; it could be a gran fondo, a bike tour, a hill climb that you have planned.
Skills and drills to hone your technique and fitness in a fun, friendly bike group.


Improving your Fitness

20x30-GOAN2735a general state of good health, usually as a result of exercise and nutrition

People say, you may say, that you want to improve your ‘fitness’.  But what does that mean and how can you measure it?  One of the many benefits of biking is that it will keep you fit, meaning that your general state of good health will continue.  Your fitness will be maintained.

What about that trip to Italy, or Gerona, or Maui, that you have planned to climb the dolomites or Haleakala?  Are you ‘fit’ enough for that, will you enjoy the experience or breathe heavily while your muscles cringe through every pedal stroke?

To improve your fitness, measure where you are at right now;  I recommend using the MMP testing (maximum minute power, 3 minute test; avg power and max HR), FTP testing (20 minute test; avg power x .95) or the CTS (Carmichael Training System 8 minute testing, 2 tests for avg. power and max HR).  All of these are useful for obtaining a power profile as well as determining levels or zones to train at for maximum benefit.

The zones are ridden at particular dosages depending on the ultimate goal for each individual, in fact they follow the FITT formula; Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type.

Training for a stage race, event or tour?  Frequency goes up.

For a Time Trial, for climbing?  Intervals at Intensity.

For a 150 km event, 120 km event, 100 km event?  The Time or volume build up for adaptation to take place.

Then for specific events, hills or flats, multi sport?  The Type of training that improves your technique for efficiency and skill.

Getting the formula right will make your experience ‘a dream come true’.  Work with a coach to have your body adaptations take place where it counts!

Formulas for success; It’s just a hill, get over it!

Performance monthly coaching

MMP Testing

It’s just a hill, get over it!

Register for Hill           9 weeks;   Wednesday May 2nd – June 27th.   

Start locations will vary between Vancouver and the north shore.

Limited capacity, register now!                  Image 4It’s Just a Hill – clinic 2018

“…take time to perfect your technique, become the most efficient hill climber you can be. Train in the zone, learn how to make the 25% grade, the hairpin descents.” 

coach Barb, assisted by Shane

$200 plus tax

Part 2 will begin July 4th.


Some changes are coming up, to the website, to the programs.  Look for the new Performance Coaching method, for your best coaching option!

Indoors for Fitness and 2018 Prep

Looking forward to a stellar Cycle Preparation phase with you, continuing on the bike and body fitness continuum.
From October through January the attention that you bring to technique, your form/position on the bike and strength building, will pay off big time for your 2018 bike dreams.

A new 8 week session pack is available; register now for 8 weeks beginning October 19th – December 21st, limited space!

Wattbike workout!


Your best choice for the next 6 months, is to take on coaching.  Not only will you ride indoors once weekly, you will receive 2 other workouts to guide you through this Phase of preparation AND receive the benefit of analysis using Training Peaks premium (included).
The workouts are usable both indoor and out Choosing an on-line workout such as Swift or Trainer Road?  you will be guided along the way for best training and best adaptation.
Talk to me about your options!  Discount on Training Zone and set-up available when you mention this posting, Indoors for Fitness.
For penultimate coaching, see Contracts tab;  Penultimate

Fondo 3 month plan

Is it summertime yet? … all of a sudden the roads are full of cyclists!  There are 3 months before the famous Fall Fondo in Vancouver.  The trip to Whistler!

What the 3 month plan will give you;                 Purchase here for $675

  • check your Training Zone numbers, how is your fitness?  What is the heart rate and power correlation at this time?  Functional Threshold 20 minute test starts off your program.
  • next is a 3 month program, in monthly increments, what to do on a weekly basis
  • 2 workouts/week for specific progression

What you will see happen;

  • increased fatigue resistance and the potential for increased power.
  • adaptation to workload, to watts
  • efficient pedal stroke = more power transfer per crank rotation

Make an appointment now for a 20 minute FTP, Functional Threshold Power test.  

email or use the contact section on this site and get to know your numbers!

  • 3 month L2 coaching @$225 with $100 value FTP testing and $60 set up fee waived
  • $675 plus tax


Spring Series 2017
Be at the front on hills 🙂


Hills are my friend2

Register here

Did you miss out on the first clinic and eager to take on Hills are My Friend2?  Or continuing where clinic 1 left off …..  The Pyrenees don’t climb themselves!

Hills and coaching, make it your weekly date with elevation, get your metres, your technique and your fatigue resistance training.

For fondo, bike tours, triathlonImage 4

Thanks a lot for the great workouts!  I really like throwing those types of rides in once .. a week.  Warren

FTP testing – now is the time! buy before Oct. 21st for 20% discount

Where are you now?   Perform a Functional Threshold Power test now for your winter training zones.  Use the code FallFTP  October 21st to receive a 20% discount on your FTP Test!   Click here;   FTP Test  and schedule your appointment by the 31st.  $100 value.Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 2.56.35 PM

The 20 min FTP test is a basic routine test to determine the training zones that you will be using through the next few months to obtain adaptations to the energy systems, taking you to the next level!  Prepare for your 2017 events by laying the groundwork before you set out to increase volume in the winter/spring phases.

email for your convenient appointment time.


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