Going along with yesterday’s theme of ‘LetsTalk’, I was reminded today about how valuable the people in my life are and who they are for me. To get an idea of what it means to ask for help, I had to turn it around and think of how I feel when someone asks me for help. I am only too happy to help them with anything within my power, purse or ability. The problem is me then, feeling that I can’t ask.

The purse situation was why this came up since being hit by a car that failed to stop at a signed intersection, 4 years ago. As a one person operation without sick benefits, long term disability or extended health the cost of my repair was on me. With that not changing over a couple of years, heck my new bike wasn’t even reimbursed and what is a bike coach without a bike? Eventually a dribble of dollars came in but in the meantime, credit cards were becoming maxed out and my mental and physical health were taking a beating with coach Be now knowing what concussion was like.

At the 4 year mark, I now need people help and reached out to a few folk to ask. I also realize that it’s up to them to say yes or no to the request. That’s the beauty about asking, not expecting, there’s no expectation in a request because that’s all that it is, a request. They may say yes or no and they don’t have to explain their answer, provide an excuse or reason. All kinds of feelings may come up to be discovered and dealt with if it’s a no, and even a yes may have some feelings about conditions being attached, owing them. (By the way this wasn’t a financial ask.)

I’m just very grateful at this point, to have good friends, good company, a good lawyer!

In sport we can ask for help from our coach and again, when we do that good things happen, things fall into place and our destination is closer, our goal can be seen and easier to hit. Instead of being confused or alone, we know and we also know we’re part of a bigger picture. Trying to be strong without support is a bad habit, one that can be changed with a different think, continual practice and help from your cheering squad. You are amazing!

What’s strong with me day 27.

Coach Be