When looking for a coach, is there any specific attributes that would mesh well with what you have as a goal? The first step for you would be what that is; Fitness -> Performance -> Personal Best -> Results -> Podium, then is there an event that you are planning to do? Once you have that in mind, take the next step and look for a coach to guide you there.

I’ve guided many athletes to their best fondo performance, podium places and event finishes on multi day bike tours and time goals on iconic climbs. My knowledge base in fitness, physiology, kinesiology, cardiology, my patience and ability to see what athletes themselves are unaware of, enables athletes to progress towards their goal with a strong body and mindset along with it.

I’ve listed a few attributes already, still I think the most important attributes that a coach can have is to listen, to be open to new thoughts and ways of doing things, to be flexible and adaptable and to believe in what an athlete is striving for. When I’m talking to an athlete for the first time and hear what they are planning, so often I will see them already doing that. The picture comes to mind of them doing their best climb ever, their finish line result, their inspiration and motivation is something that I can feel.

It doesn’t always work out; the picture that I see doesn’t happen when the athlete is distracted and loses focus of the goal. It was a dream, not a goal! A dream is imagining and hoping; a goal is something that you can take aim towards, take actions and make steps in the direction of.

Fitness is a goal that is simply getting out the door and doing your sport in a way that supports health. Performance is training that makes your body more effective and efficient while becoming knowledgable about your sport. Personal Best is the next level of mastery, using that efficiency to produce your best outcomes of speed and power. Results will arrive with the strive, for becoming a master in the sport. Then work and marginal gains combine to produce a podium result, a top 3 is sure to follow!

The cycling coaches that I see and talk to all have that inner passion to convey their knowledge and experience to you the athlete. Most of the time, you can’t go wrong when you follow the plan! So a background that may be similar to yours one way or another, where you can relate, will help you to make the right choice. Pair that up with their experience and yours to create a winning combination!

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