Resolving is the verb used when a resolution has been made; that is the act of finding a solution or an answer. Once the answer has been found, it’s resolved! Yet not as simple as that, since resolution is found in legal terms, in picture sharpness or clarity, even the human conditions of courage and tenacity. We often make a resolution at the beginning of the year, that’s what these tweets are all about; I resolved to write what’s strong with me for 30 days, beginning January 1st. Although the different meanings of the word resolution don’t imply that there’s a problem, the word is used to describe the act itself of making a settlement or decision that will fix something.

A resolution is often made in the hope that making one will cause habits to change, will fix what’s wrong in a life of issues. The negativity of it!

Rather then, what would happen if you had a dream, a cause, a goal that has a start, contains a journey and some sort of finish line that would measure what has been attained? How much more satisfying would that be in the doing of it, the enjoyment of it and the fun that could happen along the way.

My goal was to look at the strengths that I have, it came about as a result of an inspiration to work on my strengths and not weaknesses, since at the finish line I would only end up with bunch of strong weaknesses! A great little story about someone I met who had such good eyesight that he could see the detail in a circuit board, find cracks or flaws and be able to quickly fix the issue. He didn’t know how much better his eyesight was than others around him, he thought that everyone could see the way he was able to. Once he discovered his strength, he put it to good use and became a leader and a teacher. That is the power of knowing and using it in the context of a team to benefit the community.

I can be happy and proud of my strengths and the journey with them sounds much more satisfying than focusing on those other things. My strength will lift you up and that’s what I do in coaching. Sometimes I put myself out as a target to aim for, other times it’s to bring an internal focus to life with connections, it can also be the patience and persistence with which I can progress through a picture of the athlete you intend to be, one (pedal) stroke at a time.

Having a ‘look’ on the bike that’s recognizable because of my position and quiet body, smooth pedalling is perfect in another way, that folk recognize me. It amazes me every time to have someone who I haven’t seen in years call out my name on the road or the trail; it makes my day every time to connect with them again! What’s strong with me day 19.

Coach Be