We want it, but have we defined what it is and what it means to us? I can only speak for myself about what it means to me, so I’ll start there; there’s a gradient of physical ability or a ramp, another way to look at it. It starts from the lowest performance that is necessary and I put that at being able to open a door and get up and down from a toilet! Don’t laugh! Will you continue to have the leg and upper body strength to do that as you age because if you don’t keep those physical attributes, you could find yourself in that position.

I’d like to be and plan to be on the upper side of that ramp with strong legs and able to wrestle open the heaviest of doors. I know it’s not a given and I’m very grateful to be able to train following a couple of incidents that could have derailed me. Targeted training elicits a biological physical response with the application of stress and then particular adaptation improves performance, health and durability.

I plan to be riding a bike forever, I plan to be able to walk forever. I recognize now, that the level of performance is unique to each of us and that what I’ve experienced in the past may not be there in the future. But as long as I continue to train, look for and find the level, then I can be happy with my performance, always. The meaning is what I choose to make of it and I believe that we are all happier with improved performance, it’s what I do and that’s what’s strong with me, day 17.

Coach Be