One of the strengths that I have is to be someone who is always curious about information that experts in the field have to say about topics of interest, some that I didn’t know would be. The latest was a webinar presented by Professor Robert Newton, at ECU in Perth Australia; ‘Exercise as Medicine for Cancer’. I know the value of exercise as part of a prevention continuum, but wasn’t aware of how tailored the exercise prescription to different cancers can be, both leading up to treatment and beyond. This despite knowing two extremely well respected women in the field; Dr Amy Kirkham, Assistant Professor cardiovascular and exercise oncology @amyakirkham, and Sarah Weller Director, Provincial Programs at BC Cancer @_sarahweller. Both outstanding in their research credentials, and outstanding athletes that I’ve had the pleasure of riding with.

The webinar outlining the benefits, the positive outcomes versus those who did not exercise were so significant that I wondered why this wasn’t common knowledge. It’s a direction to point people in, to improve the health of those with cancer.

It’s a joy to listen to or read from folk who are authorities in their discipline, and that’s what’s strong with me, day 6.