Valued clients and friends; we all have stories of individual adversity, this is one adversity that we share as a community, a world wide community. When it happens to us or to someone we know, we see things in a different way and our view changes. Our brains react to that different view and part of our brain reacts to it. The thinking part of the brain is overridden and it’s easy to let it happen with a crowd mentality either with fear or the opposite. Buying toilet paper as an example! Despite it being irrational we get caught up in it and follow the crowd.

Staying fit and continuing to ‘ride’ it out may also appear to be selfish and to be flaunting the rules, ignoring the boundaries. And I’m not the person to judge that or make anyone wrong for their actions. My objective has always been for health, for the mind + body to behave together and achieve human potential. We rely on so many people to keep us safe, provide essentials and I am very grateful for them. The rest of us can show gratitude with our daily actions and how we behave.

Inspiration shows up every minute of every day in the people that I work with and I will continue to look for a new view and way of doing things with you that will have all of us getting through our shared adversity as healthier human beings. Our strength is in sharing. Thank you!

Coach Barb