According to the general cycle of an ATP (annual training plan), this phase started in mid January; the development of specific fitness and advanced technical skills. It’s the reason why pro teams hunt down under and the southern latitudes or head to places like Mallorca, Southern Spain and Provence.

In general, those of us who may be aiming for less lofty goals still plan for fitness to show up in the Spring Series, the UBC tri/duathlon and a typical Canadian ‘training camp’ in California or Spain, if you know the right coaches to work with!

Locally, we continue up to the first week of March with cross training; skiing, running, cross biking. Indoor riding is a must through this time of year.

Taking a short amount of time with specific high intensity rides is the way to stay on track and get the precise amount of zone training and continue to adapt systematically. You have a cardio/respiratory system and a skeletal system. That’s 3 different and very specific types of rides to give you the adaptations that will be there for you on the road.

As a coach, I look at your power output; but that’s all relative to how your heart rate responds and how your breathing can keep up. Aerobically, your power output correlates with heart rate. Do you know what happens when your system goes over the edge, the threshold? Find out, Gear Up in March; that’s the focus of this month.

Challenging, small group classes for the best coached ride, the best training ride.