Shake up your routine and Gear Up in 2020

What if…. you choose to be a better cyclist? What if …… you choose to make it happen, now? Where do you go? Will it happen in a spin class do you think? Or will it happen when you look for an expert, a coach, someone who knows what it takes both physically and mentally.

Choose a commitment to this year; to a coached program, a coached indoor workout series. What technique are you lacking, what position on the bike are you using, what is your pedal stroke efficiency and why would you care.

A few reasons why; to make it to the Haute Route and to finish it; to ride any fondo and enjoy the experience; to conquer alpe d’huez under an hour; to ride the Cypress Hill Climb Challenge without any fear that you won’t make it; to take on a provincial or national championship road race with confidence. Just to know that you know what you’re doing.

We would love to see you on the bike, riding with us indoors or out and have you join the cycling community.

It’s easy – take the first step – and register for a pre-ride testing, a 10 pack (consult included) or a private session with either coach Barb or coach Joanie. See you then!