20x30-GOAN2735a general state of good health, usually as a result of exercise and nutrition

People say, you may say, that you want to improve your ‘fitness’.  But what does that mean and how can you measure it?  One of the many benefits of biking is that it will keep you fit, meaning that your general state of good health will continue.  Your fitness will be maintained.

What about that trip to Italy, or Gerona, or Maui, that you have planned to climb the dolomites or Haleakala?  Are you ‘fit’ enough for that, will you enjoy the experience or breathe heavily while your muscles cringe through every pedal stroke?

To improve your fitness, measure where you are at right now;  I recommend using the MMP testing (maximum minute power, 3 minute test; avg power and max HR), FTP testing (20 minute test; avg power x .95) or the CTS (Carmichael Training System 8 minute testing, 2 tests for avg. power and max HR).  All of these are useful for obtaining a power profile as well as determining levels or zones to train at for maximum benefit.

The zones are ridden at particular dosages depending on the ultimate goal for each individual, in fact they follow the FITT formula; Frequency, Intensity, Time and Type.

Training for a stage race, event or tour?  Frequency goes up.

For a Time Trial, for climbing?  Intervals at Intensity.

For a 150 km event, 120 km event, 100 km event?  The Time or volume build up for adaptation to take place.

Then for specific events, hills or flats, multi sport?  The Type of training that improves your technique for efficiency and skill.

Getting the formula right will make your experience ‘a dream come true’.  Work with a coach to have your body adaptations take place where it counts!

Formulas for success; It’s just a hill, get over it!

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