Is it summertime yet? … all of a sudden the roads are full of cyclists!  There are 3 months before the famous Fall Fondo in Vancouver.  The trip to Whistler!

What the 3 month plan will give you;                 Purchase here for $675

  • check your Training Zone numbers, how is your fitness?  What is the heart rate and power correlation at this time?  Functional Threshold 20 minute test starts off your program.
  • next is a 3 month program, in monthly increments, what to do on a weekly basis
  • 2 workouts/week for specific progression

What you will see happen;

  • increased fatigue resistance and the potential for increased power.
  • adaptation to workload, to watts
  • efficient pedal stroke = more power transfer per crank rotation

Make an appointment now for a 20 minute FTP, Functional Threshold Power test.  

email or use the contact section on this site and get to know your numbers!

  • 3 month L2 coaching @$225 with $100 value FTP testing and $60 set up fee waived
  • $675 plus tax


Spring Series 2017
Be at the front on hills 🙂