#ThanksCoach: Barb Morris of Performance Coaching

Check out the link above and the testimonial from gold medalist Graham C

In the past two years that I have had Barb as my coach I have learned invaluable information about training but even more about my own potential as an athlete.

“Initially I sought Barb’s expertise to help me to improve my performance in Granfondo events. It was not long after beginning to train with her that my goals evolved. In previous years I only participated in Granfondo events. Within just a few months of training I applied for a UCI Cat 4 license and began to race competitively. Regular training with Barb keeps me riding strong and ready for the demands of competition. Since I began training with Barb I have reached the podium four times, the most recent was a gold medal in the Road Race (45-49), at the Americas Masters Games. Barb’s support and feedback are key elements that continue to motivate me to work hard and improve for next season.”